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   Aunt Tweedy’s Hillbilly Roots Toor
    This 2+hour experience may take you by the sewage treatment plant, the feed store or elsewhere - usually in search of 'Dolly' – with a guaranteed ‘bear’ sighting! Through music, 'arts & crafts' and other means on the bus, Aunt Tweedy helps you get in touch with your ‘inner hillbilly.’ Be prepared for anything and don’t say we didn’t warn ya. $39.95 + tax per person (Bring a sense of humor.)
 2019 Toors
Cuzzin Eddie's Toors
'Nurture your inner hillbilly...'
           White Lightnin’ Express 
(Our 'moonshine' toor)
    Learn a little about the area, see some sights and now that moonshine is ‘legal,' learn about it’s rich and colorful history and how it impacted the culture. But mostly, we'll be havin' fun! During this 4-5 hour trip, we visit some of the leading distilleries and sample their wares - and wine, too! Adults (over 21) only, must show photo ID/ proof of age.  $49.95 per person + tax (A reminder; no open containers onboard or in public areas in Sevier County – the law will getcha – and US! Some walking involved...or maybe crawling -  bring a designated driver if yer plannin' on sampling everything. It's hard ta drive cross-eyed.)
                The 'Dolly' Toor  
  Country music icon, actress and philanthropist Dolly Parton is one of America's treasures and a Sevier County native. An award-winning Dolly impersonator/tribute artist is your hostess as we visit the statue on the courthouse lawn, hear Dolly stories and glimpse Dolly's past, present and future. We'll stop for a 'slaw dog' - her favorite -  (or a hot dog) at the unassuming restaurant she has said (in print) was one of her favorite places to eat when she is in the area and we'll discuss Dolly's songs - A must for Dolly fans! Allow 3+ hours. $59.95 + tax 
All Cuzzin Eddie's guests will learn a little something about the area, history and culture on their 'toors' but they'll be havin' so much fun, they won't know it! 
*Note; length of toor is approximate depending on traffic, weather and number of participants. Friday and Saturday toors usually last longer...
Please note that a few 'toors' involve some walking.
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 Vittles & Skittles - Eddies 'foodie' toor includes tasting stops at several destinations as well as restaurant recommendations, where the locals eat, new places to try and more. We stay away from chains and fast food joints as we eat our way across some beautiful scenery and sights in Sevier County. This is a good one for the Baptists who don't want to be seen on the moonshine toor... Approx. 4.5+ hours, $59.95 + tax
Check out the 'More Toors' page to find out where we load from....
'Dine & Shine' -  A popular, flexible, custom toor combining part of the food toor and part of the moonshine toor OR we can add wine tasting stops instead for the wine conne-sewers. Allow at least 5.5 hours, $69.95 + tax
* Toors' are added based on demand whenever possible - and there are sometimes cancellations. Please check our 'Schedule' page for seating availability and look for any added 'toors' - or call for the most up-to-date info or to schedule a tour in advance. Never hurts to call!
* Return times are approximate, depending on weather, traffic, etc.
* 6-person minimum and 14-person maximum. (That's all our bus will hold.)
* Safety first! If inclement weather is predicted, tours may be cancelled.
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