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Where do we load from...?
 Winterfest - Christmas Lights Toors (Weather permitting)
Beginning in November, see the glittering holiday lights of WINTERFEST in Sevier County. This 'toor' features an experienced tour guide, snacks, prizes, music and gifts for all! Sing Christmas carols and make friends as your tour guide offers information about the culture, history and attractions in the area. Suitable for all ages. Choose from two tours; 'City Lights,' includes the Christmas lights of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, $39.95+ tax, allow 2.5+ hours, 'Winter Wonderland' includes the lights of Pigeon Forge and Sevierville as well as 'Shadrack's Christmas Wonderland' laser light show, allow 3.5+ hours $49.95+ tax.)
  Cuzzin Eddie can also put together combination toors incorporating elements of several of our most popular toors based upon your interests -  or something completely different.  We can do private toors for individuals and smaller groups, if ya don't mind ridin' in the back of an old pick-up or mini-van or maybe the bus if it's runnin... (Jes kiddin') We also put together group toors for corporate, reunion, wedding, church groups and other parties - AND besides the bus toors,  we now offer motivational speakers for your group event! Call today to schedule!
Cuzzin Eddie's Toors
'Nurture your inner hillbilly...'
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Bachelorette Parties
Somebody gettin' hitched?? By popular demand, you can rent out the whole bus for a bachelorette party and embarrass the heck out of the bride-to-be! Includes a special route and stops, decorations, party favors, activities and snacks. PG-13 and X-rated versions available. Call for more details. Heck, Eddie sez ya can rent out the whole bus for any of these tours - but it only holds 14 people....
(A reminder - no open containers of alcohol onboard nor in public areas in Sevier County -The law will getcha - and US!)
More toors....
                            Good question! Most 'toors' depart from Flapjack's Pancake House, 2734 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863   - near the Island (where the big ferris wheel is), right beside French's Boot store OR from Flapjacks in Gatlinburg at the North end of town (toward Pigeon Forge) unless other arrangements have been made ). Groups of 6 or more, custom or private toors can request another designated group pick-up/drop-off point within Sevier County for an extra charge.
* Schedules, routes and departure points are subject to change, return times are approximate, depending on weather, traffic conditions and number of participants. Eddie reserves the right to make changes in the route accordingly.
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All pricing includes  meals, fees, etc unless otherwise specified. Tipping/gratuities are at your discretion.
Custom Toors, private toors, yada, yada.....
Q. What is a 'custom Toor?'
A. Normally reserved for 6 or more people, it is a flexible toor that deviates from our regular offerings based on your group's interests. Sometimes it is a combination toor; For instance, suppose your group wants to taste moonshine while you're here, but you also want to visit a petting zoo. Or a cave. Or maybe you want a shopping or antiquing toor...or want to see nearby Knoxville, TN... We can do that! We're flexible like that. The only thing we don't do is go up into the Smoky Mountain National Park or out-of-state; There are other tour companies that do that - and do it very well. (We can recommend some!) A custom or private toor can also include door-to-door pick up and drop-off AND you have a say in what time you want to go, as well! We have plenty of ideas - call us and we'll brainstorm. We can come up with something very special for your group.

Q. Can we bring food on the bus?
A. You are welcome to bring food and drinks on the bus - just not alcohol. Sevier County does have an open container law! If your toor includes a snack, it will be individually wrapped and commercially prepared. Like Moon Pies. Or Twinkies. (We have bottled water onboard.)

​Q. Is Cuzzin Eddie an idiot?
A. No, he says not.
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