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Cuzzin Eddie's Toors

    Good ta Know...
         (the fine print)
- -Toors are booked on a 'first come-first serve' basis by phone. Reservations are required but we will have a 'stand-by' list in case of cancellations, especially during peak tourism season. During our busy season, if you are not at the boarding point and checked in 5 minutes prior to departure, your seat may be given to someone else.
 - When you call in to reserve your seats, they will ask for your name, best phone number to reach you, number of people in your group, tour you would like and what days you are available. A credit card is required to hold your reservation(s) but we don't run it until you show up and swipe it  - or you have the option of  paying cash. Larger groups (6 or more)  should be prepared to have one person  pay for the entire group and get reimbursed from them later. Or earlier. . (See below -Eddie likes to call them the 'treasurer.')  If Cuzzin Eddie should have to cancel a tour for any reason, or if that particular tour doesn't get enough participants,  you will not be charged.  If you are a no-show and don't cancel at least 7 days in advance of your tour, your card will be charged for half of what the total tour cost would have been because we still have to schedule the driver, etc... Fair enough?
Toor participants will be asked to sign a waiver/model release upon boarding.
We don't offer discounts or reduced rates for children. It's not that we don't like kids but 1. Although they are welcome to come on all tours, most of our 'toors' are more adult-oriented. For instance, they can come on the White Lightnin Express, but the distilleries won't let them taste and sample so it kinda takes the fun out of it, don't it!? 2. Legally, we cannot have more than 14 people on our bus. It doesn't matter how big or small they are; they are considered 'people,''passengers' or 'persons,' even if they  are a babe-in-arms. It's easy to offer discounts if you are a 700-seat theater but not a puny little bus. Cuzzin Eddie has friends in another state who once offered  "Kids under 12 ride free!" on their 15-passenger tour bus. At one point, a family with 9 kids - all under 12 - signed up. The mother and dad were the only paying customers! It was a great deal for them but after taxes, insurance, gas, salaries, office, promotional expenses and bus maintenance, the bus company ended up losing a lot of money! This happened more than once. They are no longer in business.
At the moment, our bus does not have a handicap lift. Or a rest room. Please let us know what we can do to help if accommodations are needed.
The bus is heated and air-conditioned and bottled water is always available onboard at no charge.
 - Have fun!
      How to Book a Toor;
To book a toor, give us a call at 615-289-4815 and let us know which toor or toors you're interested in, how many people ya got and when you're available. We'll see if there is one already scheduled with available seating - or a cancellation - or maybe we can add your tour to the lineup. We must have any 6 registered guests ('toor-ists') to take the bus out. *Note; If ya only got 2 people, we can still put it out there and see if we can get another couple to jump on board - who knows, you might make some friends from Iowa....
The Cuzzin Eddie Chorus
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'Aunt Tweedy'
Scheduled public toors with available seating;
 Eddie sez; "It's always best to book in advance whenever possible, that way we kin  try to make sure the bus is runnin' and the driver  makes bail..."
*Spend the day with us; We can also put together custom/combination toors such as a 'Dolly' toor combined with part of a food toor or something else entirely!
Although Cuzzin Eddie's is still on an abbreviated schedule because everything slows down around here until summertime -  and Eddie's still half-asleep  -  we have limited seating available on these scheduled public toors; 

Dolly Toor  -  , May 14,  11 a.m.
Aunt Tweedy's Hillbilly Roots Toor  -  May 22, June 13. 1 p.m.
Dolly Toor- May 30, 11 a.m.
More coming!! Call now to reserve your seats! Whooo-eee!!!  
Important information for Groups of 6 or more; 

1. If you have a group of 6 or more, Cuzzin Eddie can often arrange for door-to-door pick up and drop-off at your cabin, resort or hotel for an added fee. This is particularly helpful on the White Lightnin Express Toors so nobody has to be the 'designated driver!' It's also usually cheaper than cab fare, walkin' and waaay better than a ticket....' Ask about this service when you call.

2. It is especially important to book group tours as early as possible. We can't guarantee that we will have enough seats for your group on one of our regular tours. 

3. We will run a  single credit card for the entire group  as you board the bus  (or you can pay in cash!) -  so that we can hit the road sooner and start having fun faster, rather than be messin' with credit cards or cash for each individual or couple on the bus.....Then everyone else kin pay back yer designated 'treasurer...'